​​Sesame Paste (Tahini)- Made from 100% stone ground sesame seeds which are hand-picked from the Humera region in Ethiopia, and are known for their exceptional flavor and high oil content. We import both USDA certified organic seeds and non-organic seeds, however all of our seeds are always non-genetically modified.  Both of the organic and non-organic Tahini are available in 40 lb. plastic buckets (18kg). Coming soon are 1 lb. (454g) and 2 lb. (908g) plastic and glass jars.

As part of our strict health standards, each batch of Tahini is tested in the factory's in-house laboratory to ensure that it is free from salmonella, listeria, chloroform, yeast, and mold before leaving the warehouse. We also send samples to an external laboratory for testing as part of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and FDA regulations. 

Sesame Seeds – Cleaned, hulled and bagged. Can be purchased roasted or raw according to customer’s specifications. All seeds are color sorted to ensure uniformity and exposed to ultraviolet light to eliminate potential bacteria. 


                                                              Michigan Department of Agriculture,  FDA inspected. USDA certified Organic

Dry Chickpeas, Kabuli-Type - Cleaned, sorted, and bagged using the same rigorous cleaning process as the seeds. Manually checked for quality; any chickpea that isn't produced to our high standards is rejected.


                                                     Michigan Department of Agriculture,  FDA inspected. USDA certified Organic