​North America Sesame Works was founded in March of 2014, and is located 15 miles west of Detroit, Michigan in the city of Taylor.  The idea however, dates back to 2010 when NASW's founder, Namir Daman had a vision to produce North America's finest, organic, stone-ground tahini. After a few years of extensive research and traveling, Namir was able to implement his plan in a newly built 30,000 square foot facility.

Although relatively new, the company is growing rapidly and it remains 100% family owned and operated. As pioneers in this industry, NASW is founded on three key principles: excellence in product is paramount, competitive pricing is what we strive to achieve, and commitment to customer satisfaction is our goal. 

The Factory:

North America Sesame Works boasts state of the art processing technology that exceeds industry standards in cleaning and hulling sesame seed. This unique line of machinery was specifically built and modified for this factory, and it complies with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and FDA's standards. 

NASW imports the highest quality of natural and organic sesame seeds, which are then cleaned, and stripped of its hull. Afterwards this extensive process the seeds are polished and sorted; then sent through a metal detector fitted with an ultra-violet light to eliminate any potential metals and bacteria. The seeds are then steam roasted in our three cylinder roasting machine before being sent to the grinding stones; it is here where seeds become Tahini. The sesame is automatically distributed among twelve non-artificial stones which grind the seeds to produce a smooth-textured, delicious tasting sesame paste. The Tahini emerges pasteurized at a minimum of 72°C (161°F), to provide a product with a shelf life of 2 years without the need for added preservatives.  

Snapshots of the machinery that are used in the process can been seen in the slideshow below. 

All the products, ingredients and supplies are palletized and stored inside a temperature regulated warehouse. 

Company Profile